Here is a selection of articles written by different people at the Sanctuary on matters ranging from interpretive signs, to farming, education and climate change. These have been published in the Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools, The Link, and The Hindu, Roots, Land Matters, Hard News and other magazines.

Once, the Monsoon. Economic & Political Weekly June 17, 2017 (Volume 52 Number 24)

The Story of Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary. Rainforest Review.

The Music of Everything. Earthlines. Issue 16. (2016)

The World Heritage tag comes with pitfalls

Land is money

Issue No 16 - On the Threshold of Touch - Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools

Alienation from the Wild

River Talk from School in the Forest

A School in the Forest

The Rhythm of a Different Day

Meeting life: A Landscapes and Lifeskills Course

Educating the Senses

Evaluation and Planning for the "Schools In the Forest" Education Programme

A Closer Look at Insects

School in the Forest: Educating the Young

Tower Lessons

Know Your Trees Better (A review of Pradip Krishen's Trees of Delhi)

Snow, Dykes and Scottish Pines: Vignettes from the Diary of a Climate Change Tourist

Mimicing Nature at Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

Preserving Southern Indian Pteridophytes

Not Signs of Prosperity

Tiger Games

Articles by others about the Sanctuary
Every now and then, various articles about the Sanctuary appear in the media. Here are a few. Please note that there are several factual errors in them. If you are interested in writing about us, or using our work in anyway to support your own, please contact us or refer to the text provided in the main website.

  The Hindu: Missions in the Jungle
  Article: The Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary
  The Hindu: New species of frogs found in Western Ghats
  Article: Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary in Wayanad


These give you an idea of the kind of courses and programmes offered in the past, which might run again.

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