Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

What kind of a world do we want?
A living one or a dead one?
And what's at stake?
Flowers, forests, tigers, glaciers, king cobras, rivers, fungi, oceans, air, damselflies, frogs, hornbills, humans... all life. It's clear that the planet's burning.

But it's also clear that plants and all nonhuman others, are working continually to keep the planet alive.

That they are essential to the well being of environments was known to indigenous and traditional human communities. Modern cultures, however, live in denial of this. To our collective peril.

At the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary, in the Western Ghat mountains in India, plants lead the way. They show us what kind of a world they want, and what is still possible, if only we listen.

Whom shall we serve?
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